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Vehículos y Trailas Reposeídas

Ocasionalmente, el credit union tiene vehículos y trailas reposeídas para subasta. Todos los vehículos y trailas reposeídas se venden TAL Y COMO ESTÁN. No tiene que ser miembro de GCU para comprar un vehículo o traila reposeída, pero debe ser miembro para financiar un vehículo o traila reposeída con el credit union.


* No hay vehículos o trailas disponibles en este momento. Favor de visitar esta página pronto.


Cómo Comprar Un Repo De Guadalupe Credit Union

  1. Elija su vehículo entre las opciones anteriores.
  2. Llame al 505-982-8942 para programar una prueba de manejo. (Por favor programe con 24 horas de antelación.)
  3. Envíe una oferta al departamento de Cobros en un sobre sellado.

            Las ofertas se abrirán el viernes a las 4:00 p.m., y los licitadores serán notificados sobre el resultado de su oferta para el siguiente día hábil.

       4. Reunirse con un oficial de préstamos para organizar la financiación.


Tenga en cuenta: Cuando utilice el formulario de oferta de repo descargable, abra el PDF en Acrobat o Acrobat Reader para mostrar todos los campos rellenables. Es posible que algunos navegadores no admitan el formato de archivo correcto.



Only cash or certified funds are accepted as payment. If proceeds for the sale are to be obtained through financing, a verified commitment for financing must accompany your bid in order for your bid to be considered. 

The successful bidder must consummate the sale within thirty-six (36) hours of notification that the bid has been accepted.

Guadalupe Credit Union encourages the bidder to have this vehicle inspected by an independent, certified mechanic or technician to ensure the vehicle being purchased does not have any serious or potentially serious mechanical defects. Furthermore, the bidder is encouraged to seek an independent "CarFax" or similar vehicle conditions report as deemed appropriate. Any inspection, diagnosis, analysis, or search of vehicle condition will be completed at the bidder's sole expense.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Vehicles are sold AS IS, with no warranties or guarantees either expressed or implied. By signing this form you acknowledge that you understand and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

TO: Guadalupe Credit Union
       3601 Mimbres Lane
       Santa Fe, NM 87507

I offer the following bid on the vehicle described below. I understand that Guadalupe Credit Union intends to sell this vehicle in a manner that best protects the financial interest of the Credit Union. If bids submitted by individuals are deemed not in the best interest of the Credit Union, Guadalupe Credit Union reserves the right to consign the vehicle to an auction or wholesale firm. I understand that this decision is at the sole discretion of Guadalupe Credit Union and its representatives. I acknowledge that Guadalupe Credit Union or their representatives may reject any or all bids for whatever they so choose. I understand that the previous owner of this vehicle is given the right to redeem the vehicle up to the time of sale. If the previous owner redeems the vehicle, all bids are null and void.

I agree that if my bid is accepted, I will pay for the item and remove it within thirty-six (36) hours of notification. All removal cost will be my sole responsibility. 

I understand that the vehicle obtained is sold "AS IS" and carries NO WRITTEN OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, and that Guadalupe Credit Union or its representatives make no representation of the fitness of the vehicle or it's suitability for any particular purpose and that Guadalupe Credit Union, or its representatives are not responsible for any repairs or defects.

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You acknowledge that by clicking on the "Submit" button on this website, you are indicating your intent to sign the relevant document or record and that this will constitute your signature.

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